Service ConceptCustomer-First Approach

Unlike other IT companies who position themselves as experts or merely as suppliers, we see ourselves as a service industry. We prioritize customer satisfaction like restaurants and retailers do, and we always approach our clients with a sense of urgency and respect. Our core values are politeness, active listening, and prompt responses. We strive to be a reliable partner that our clients can consult with at any time without hesitation.

FeatureYour Success, Our Priority

Feature 01Customized Solutions

With the rapid growth of readily available and easy-to-use online service platforms, the role of “experts” is no longer as significant. We believe that customers should have the freedom to choose the solutions, service providers, and service models that best align with their goals and needs, rather than being compelled to accept the recommendations of experts and being limited to a narrow range of options. Therefore, TS Cloud is committed to providing diverse service models and solutions to cater to the needs of different types of customers.

Customized Solutions
Need Specific Tech Support?

Need Specific Tech Support?

Our technical support is available to all, even if you are yet to be our customer. We’re here to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.

Stuck with Deployment?

Stuck with Deployment?

We provide a comprehensive project-level service for efficient, risk-free implementation, including needs assessment, configuration planning, and deployment training.
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Just Need an Account?

Just Need an Account?

If you only want to purchase the accounts without setup assistance, choose annual plan to get the best price.

Feature 02Your Smart Work, Starts Here

Google Workspace isn’t just email, it’s a new way of working that is built around collaboration and sharing. We’ve been using it extensively in our own work and are excited to share our expertise and insights on how to improve your workflows and boost employee productivity. If you’re looking to ditch outdated work practices, contact us to explore the transformation of Google Workspace to your business or see what our customers say!

Empower smart work. Support customers to utilize Google Workspace.
Diverse Learning Resources

Diverse Learning Resources

  • Online Webinar: While our customer service platform offers a robust FAQ database, we also empower clients through exclusive workshops, seminars, and webinars to share tips and techniques on various topics.
  • Online Training: Our training courses cater to all skill levels, from mastering basic functions to tackling technical needs. We equip your team to leverage internal digital tools seamlessly, maximizing their efficiency and driving success.
Built for You

Built for You

  • System Integration: By embracing Google Workspace’s open and extensible nature, we seamlessly bridge the gap between disparate systems, eliminating data silos and fostering a unified enterprise information landscape.
  • API Integration: We connect multiple Google Workspace applications, automating repetitive processes and minimizing manual effort. Want to automate your workflows? See what we offer.
Your Perfect Fit

Your Perfect Fit

  • Build on Google Workspace: We leverage Google Workspace as the foundation, integrating other outstanding products, services, or technologies to address specific use cases and productivity challenges in specific departments, like Sales Digitization.
  • Continuous Innovation: We never stop innovating application support. Combining our deployment expertise with your needs, we design services to help you unlock hidden potential in your work.

Feature 03Customers First is Our Value

Because politeness, active listening, and prompt responses are our core values, we prioritize exceptional customer support from the outset. This commitment fosters long-lasting relationships with our customers and empowers them to achieve their goals.

Customers First is Our Value
Quick Response Channel

Quick Response Channel

We deliver efficient support through the customer service platform to contractual customers and empower them with self-service features for managing licenses and subscriptions.

Customized Roadmaps

Customized Roadmaps

Our comprehensive product utilization assessment analyzes key factors impacting your implementation, offering actionable insights tailored to your business for maximized effectiveness.

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

Placing great emphasis on customer feedback, we gather customer insights through real-time service satisfaction surveys, driving continuous improvement

Feature 04Certified Google
Premier Partner

Established in 2007, TS Cloud has been a Google Premier Partner ever since, championing Google Workspace solutions. Our team, including sales representatives, holds official Google certifications, reflecting our unwavering commitment to professionalism. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional, comprehensive services – from cloud technology and AI automation to systematic solutions – to empower you and boost your productivity.

Google Workspace Sell Service Premier Partner
Google Cloud Specialization Work Transformation
Google Cloud Sell Premier Partner
Google Cloud 2023 Partner All-star
Reliable Partner

Reliable Partner

  • 3,000+ successful implementations
  • Achieved 2023 Google Partner Award
  • Pioneer of Work Transformation Certification in Asia Pacific
Google’s Strategic Partner

Google’s Strategic Partner

  • Working closely with Google to stay informed about the latest offers and providing early access to our customers.
  • Bridging customers & manufacturers by partnering with Google to solve issues.
Global Presence

Global Presence

  • Spanning across Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • Optimizing payment methods for multinational businesses, considering global tax implications.

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