Difference between Purchasing from a Google Workspace Reseller and Google

The functions are the same, but the services offered differ

Google Workspace is an office productivity suite developed by Google. Even if you buy it from different vendors, the account you can buy and the features you can use are the same. In this case, the difference in choosing a reseller lies in the additional services such as price, technology, support, and third-party app integration. The warranties and services we offer are as follows.

1. Exclusive Customer Success Portal

We offer an exclusive “Customer Success Portal” for our customers who are actively subscribed. You can log in to the portal with one click through your Google Workspace account. In addition to the online customer service that solves your problem immediately, you can also request an additional purchase directly through the platform, which saves you from additional procedures if you want to purchase an account. In addition, there are many educational articles on the platform about account usage and settings. If you have any questions, you can use the “keyword search” feature to find answers quickly.

Exclusive Customer Success Portal
Provision of API integration

2. Provision of API integration

For companies seeking digital transformation, implementing Google Workspace is just the first step. The method by which the cloud office tool can connect with third-party apps to further drive digital optimization is also one of the digital transformation themes. That’s why we offer solutions that help you connect Google Workspace with existing systems or other cloud apps via APIs to save unnecessary costs and simplify workflow.

Provision of API integration

3. Provision of cloud hosting

The implementation of Google Workspace means that the email system is hosted in the cloud. In addition, the phone system and the website can also be hosted in the cloud. You just need to leave the cloud settings to us, instead of investing time and manpower in searching. This will allow you to save additional hardware maintenance costs and physical server management costs.

Provision of cloud hosting
Provision of partial implementation based on the budget

4. Provision of partial implementation based on the budget

We work with the client’s budget planning and offer partial implementation (dual delivery) according to the number of users. Not all employees need to start using Google Workspace at once, reducing the cost of the account. In addition, we can also offer customized purchases if you have additional offices in other countries.

Provision of partial implementation based on the budget

5. Transparent price with no hidden costs

Some resellers will price Google Workspace below market on the first sale and then sell other high-priced services to make more profit after the customer implements it. However, Google Workspace is a product with a clear price. We will clearly state the price on the official website and online platform, and will not require customers to purchase other services after implementation. If you have other needs today, we will also provide you with a quote based on the clear working hours and unit price. After the price is negotiated, other fees will not be suddenly added.

Transparent price with no hidden costs

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