Is there a minimum number of accounts requirement for this Email Co-Exist Program?

Since email coexistence requires several settings to be done on both Google Workspace and the current mail server, it is best for companies of 20-30 people with a minimum of 10 Google Workspace licenses. If your company is under 20 strong, we recommend a complete changeover to Google Workspace. (For complete changeover, the configuration service fee is HK$990/user.)

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QHow is the migration done?


First of all, we will have to configure routing, gateway, and filtering settings from Google Workspace and then enable email forwarding from the current mail server. This means that the whole process requires settings configured on both sides. We will assist you with all the Google Workspace side of settings. You can choose to let us help you with the configuration of your current email system if it is okay to grant us the permission to log in to your system; otherwise we can also work with your outsourced vendor to have this completed.

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