What information do you need for implementing Google Workspace ?

Please provide the setup site address and domain administrator’s account and password for your domain hosting. You will also need to complete our user account application form.

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QDoes your dedicated representative need to come to our company in person when we use your setup and activation service?


It isn’t necessary. All implementation procedures can be done remotely. We will send an email after completion of setup to inform your administrator of the activation of service and to provide an instruction manual.

QHow to set up for the DNS?

To use Gmail for Business (Google Workspace), you must first configure DNS settings. If you are not familiar with this, you can purchase the configuration service from TS Cloud. The configuration can be done within 3 days to get you up and running with Google Workspace. However, if there are IT employees in your company who can help you with the settings, you can do it yourself.

QHow long does it take to migrate to/implement Google Workspace?


If you choose to use Google Workspace implementation service provided by TS Cloud, we will be able to complete the implementation process within 3 working days. As the time for DNS to take effect cannot be manually estimated, you may be able to officially start using the new service within 1 day if DNS record becomes effective immediately.

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