If we don’t know how to use Google Workspace , can you directly sign in to our Admin console and set it up for us?

We provide online technical support consultation. If you have any difficulty in operating your Admin console, we can assist you via phone or email. We are unfortunately unable to directly sign in to your company’s Admin console to make any changes. If you wish to have a dedicated representative execute setup and changes, you can choose to purchase our Google Workspace Management Service.

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QIf we have a problem with Google Workspace, would you send someone to our company to handle it?


Because Google Workspace is a cloud-based service and its technology is very mature, if you have problems with the operation, we can assist you remotely.

QIf our company has an urgent requirement that needs your assistance, is your team able to handle it in a timely manner?


As long as it is working hours, whether it is a phone call or email, you can contact the specialist to assist you. If you choose to contact by email, you can get a reply within 24 hours.

QIf I have already purchased a Google Workspace account, can I purchase the Google Workspace Managed Service midway through the contract period?


Yes, you can purchase the Google Workspace Managed Service at any time during the contract period. If you have the need, please feel free to contact your Google Workspace service specialist.

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