Do I need a Google account to use Pipedrive?

No, as long as you have an email address that you can use as a registered account, you can use it.

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QWho can I contact if I have questions about using Pipedrive?


If you need technical support in Cantonese, you can purchase the consulting service along with the Pipedrive license or buy it at any time in the middle of your subscription to receive phone and email support.

QHow do I choose the right edition for my business?


You are welcome to schedule an online demo with TS Cloud, and our specialist will discuss with you which edition best fits your company’s needs.

QCan I apply for a trial version of Pipedrive?


Yes, please contact TS Cloud to request a free 14-day trial.

QHow much does it cost?


TS Cloud offers annual contracts. Contact us.

QWhat are the payment options?


We accept online bank transfers.

QWhat should I do if I do not know how to set it up?


For new users, we offer a Pipedrive implementation consulting service to help you get started.
For existing Pipedrive users, you can purchase technical support (Cantonese). In addition, we also offer an online classroom course that you can purchase that will allow you to master all the essential skills in a short period of time.

QCan I purchase technical support (Cantonese) during the contract period?


Yes, you can. However, since the cost is not adjusted to the number of days in the contract, we recommend that you purchase the Cantonese language support service as soon as possible so that you can use the service for a longer period of time.

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