Move Your Business to the Cloud

Google Workspace

Move Your Business to the Cloud

Get Your Work Done at Any Time, Anywhere With the Collaboration Tools

The cloud office suite developed by Google includes a Gmail corporate mailbox that can effectively block spam, a Meet that lets you start a video conference with one click, a Drive that can assign different levels of access to files, and allows multiple people to collaborate in real-time. Other features such as Docs, Sheets, and Forms let you communicate and share documents within the company, regardless of time and place.

Do you have these problems?

  • You do not have a suitable tool to conduct video conferences and are worried about the high cost of purchasing video conferencing software and equipment.
  • You spend a lot of money on purchasing Microsoft Office licenses to use the Office tools.
  • Your mail server is easily attacked or has hardware problems. It takes longer to repair the broken part.
  • You are unable to work when you are not in the office because the files and data are not accessible remotely.

3 Keys to Success

Google Workspace: The First Choice to Solve the Problems at Work, Especially for Companies That Want to Transform Their Working Model.

Collaboration tools such as business email, video conferencing, spreadsheets, etc., are available to meet the needs of the business (all from a single platform).

It can be easily used without professional IT staff. There is no need to maintain the server and the system is automatically updated.

The data is accessible anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. So you do not need to return to the office or connect to the intranet to access the data.

The First Key

With a Single Platform, Google Workspace Can Meet the Needs of Business Email, Video Conferencing, and Custom Domains.

Are you still spending so much money in purchasing different hardware and bearing the utility cost, additionally spending your time to monitor the temperature in the server room, space, and other server rooms? Google Workspace as a cloud application, equip you with a complete solution of office needs with just a single account.

For Gmail for Business, Google offers 30 GB of cloud storage for each account compared to other email systems. If you need more storage, you can also purchase additional storage or upgrade to a higher edition. In response to the increasing demand for remote conferencing, Google Meet can instantly start a video conference with just one click and invite the other party through link sharing. Many features can be purchased at one cost, so you can save on the cost of video conferencing equipment and Office licenses.

With a single platform, Google Workspace can handle the needs of business email, video conferencing, and custom domains.

The Second Key

No Longer Need Manual Maintenance for the Server. Now, Even Employees Who Are Not IT Familiar Can Easily Manage the Cloud.

No more manual maintenance of the server or system, even employees who are not part of IT can easily manage them.

When your mail server is managed by Google, you not only save on hardware costs and staff management but also you can rest assured to not worry about the server. Google guarantees 99.9% uptime and data security, including encryption, reliable access, and a high level of user control. All transferred data, such as emails, messages, and Drive files, are encrypted. It also frees IT employees from the maintenance nightmare of the server being constantly down and under attack.

SMEs that do not have IT staff do not have to worry about not being able to implement the system without the IT staff’s assistance. Google Workspace’s management console is very intuitive and simple. Even users without a technical background can get started, and anyone can become a system administrator.

No more manual maintenance of the server or system, even employees who are not part of IT can easily manage them.

The Third Key

Work Securely, Anywhere, and on Any Device, Even Without an Intranet Connection.

Google Workspace offers all the office tools you’ll find in Microsoft Office. Since it’s a cloud application, you do not have to manually save documents and spreadsheets. Combined with the possibility of collaborating with multiple people at once, this flexibility can speed up the process of meeting and creating reports.

People who need to work remotely can read or edit documents anytime, anywhere, as long as they are connected to the Internet. They no longer need to connect to the corporate network via VPN to work. They can work anytime, anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.

Work securely anywhere, on any device, even without an intranet connection.

Is Google Workspace is suitable for my company?

If you want the employees can work anywhere.
If you requires business emails, video conferencing and office tools.
If you accept to use office tools other than Microsoft.
If you have no requirements to use Google Workspace in China.
Not Suitable
If you require employees to work in the office.
If you requires emails only.
If you require Microsoft office tools only.
If you require to use Google Workspace in China.

4 Steps for Implementation

Understand the Customer Needs

Our specialist will contact you by phone or email to understand your needs.

Proposal and Quote

We provide you with the best solution and a cost estimate based on your business needs.

Data Migration Test

If data migration is required, the feasibility of the actual migration is tested before the cost is included in the actual proposal.

Environment Setup

We remotely perform the Google Workspace configuration service to change the mail server.

Reference (Approximate Cost)

License Fee


Google Workspace has different prices depending on features and capacity. The price shown is for the basic account.

Google Workspace Configuration


It is necessary to configure the settings in the domain panel to start using Google Workspace, e.g., domain verification, email delivery settings, etc.

Online Classroom Training Course


The training courses are divided into two parts, Admin and User. You can access unlimited classroom training at any time and from any device to help administrators and users get familiar with Google Workspace.