What is a Google account for business? How can I apply for it?

If you currently use GCP, Google Adwords, Google AdSense or Google Analytics (GA), you will need a business account to manage your website hosting, advertising and website traffic analysis. So, you can apply for a Google Workspace account (Gmail for Business) to manage it centrally. For more details, please contact our specialist.

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QAfter payment, when can I start to use Google Workspace?


You can start using Google Workspace within 3 days.

QIf I do not know how to do the settings to start using Google Workspace, does TS Cloud provide assistance?


Yes, we provide services to assist with the Google Workspace configuration, which allows you to start using it within 3 days. There are also online classroom training courses that can help you to get started with Google Workspace easily.

QIs domain name necessary for corporate mailbox?


Yes. You may include your company name in the domain name. It has to be registered, verified, and added to the Google Workspace console before use. Please contact our specialist if you need help in registering a domain.

QWe do not need anything more than email. Can we buy just email function?


Google Workspace comes as a suite of cloud based tools and it cannot be broken up and sold individually. The suite comes with all other functions such as cloud drive, office productivity, calendar and video conference capabilities which are all designed to enhanced your productivity.

QIf we don’t know how to use Google Workspace, what assistance do you provide?


If you would like to shorten self-learning time after implementation, you can also choose to purchase our Google Workspace Training Course.

QDoes Gmail support email blasting? What is the limit?


It is not recommended to do email blasting on Gmail. Instead, we would advise using Groups or distribution list in Google Workspace for mass mailing.
Business Edition has not restriction to group based mailing. The limit per day is 200 emails per accout. All editions are restricted to 500 users per email.
Please visit the following for more details

QWhat is Google Sites?


You can use Google Sites to build a corporate portal site for your business as the homepage or a place for teams to collaborate. You can easily drag files from Google Drive and arrange how you want the page to display without having to write a single line of code.

QWhat is the difference between G Suite Legacy free edition and paid version of G Suite? (G Suite Legacy is no longer available)


The G Suite Legacy free edition is a service that was offered by Google Apps for Your Domain in 2006. It differs from the paid version of G Suite in terms of storage, user limit and support services.

  G Suite Legacy Free Edition Paid Version of G Suite
Storage 15GB Starts from 30GB
Users Limit No limit of users in the first version, then reduction to 50, and now the number of users is limited to 10. Unlimited
Support Not provided 24/7 Technical Support
Remarks Service terminates on August 1, 2022 Stop selling on January 16, 2021

For more details, please refer to Required Actions for G Suite Legacy Free Edition Users Starting August 1, 2022.

QCan I try Google Workspace for free?


Google offers a 14-day free trial for which you can sign up from this page: https://gsuite.google.com/signup/basic/welcome. If you need any assistance with the configuration, you can refer to “Setup Business Gmail in 3 Steps!“. You can also contact us prior to your 14-day trial period ends to transfer your account to us and enjoy our services.

QI don’t have a domain yet. Can I register one from you?


The Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) fee is not included with a domain name. If you require one, you may contact us for the domain registration.

QWhat is the difference between applying for Gmail and Google Workspace?


The biggest difference is that one is paid, the other is free. Personal Gmail can be used for free. Google Workspace for Business, however, is a paid subscription because it has extensive features, such as user management via Admin Console. To learn more about the differences, please read the section “Differences between Gmail and Google Workspace (Gmail for Business)” .

Also, be sure to get a domain before applying for Google Workspace. If the company is newly established and does not have a domain yet, you can consider buying it from BigDomaint or GoDaddy.

QCan I apply for Google Workspace ofr personal use, instead of using a company name?


Individual users can apply for Google Workspace. However, it is a prerequisite that you have a domain name before applying. For more details, please contact our specialist who will be happy to help you.

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