“The reseller recommended by Google migrated us from on-prem server to G Suite in 2 weeks.”


DSE’s self-hosted server was incapable of blocking the Trojan malwares so they decided to replace it with G Suite for better security. At first, they contacted Google and learned about TS Cloud upon Google’s recommendation. After coming to a free seminar hosted by TS Cloud, DSE had gained deeper knowledge about G Suite and its key security features. Furthermore, they even decided to choose TS Cloud as their partner. With the assistance of TS Cloud, DSE successfully migrated to G Suite in 2 weeks and said goodbye to malware nightmare once and for all.

Client Information

Company Name Dimon-Shamrock Enterprise Co., Ltd
Company Profile DSE is a testing parts and consumables supplier established in 1991, whose areas of expertise is on electrical circuit testing principles, testing conditions, testing methods and problem solving around testing. As an exclusive agent of LEENO industry in Taiwan, our products include testing sockets and probes. Moreover, DSE possesses its own local suppliers of customized products such as customized fixtures for module testing. DSE’s marketing channels are distributed across SEA, China, South Korea. They have also established several business presence overseas across China (Shanghai & Shenzhen), Hong Kong and the United States.
Industry Manufacturing
Company Size Less than 50
Year of Establishment 2018
(From the left) TS Cloud specialist and Mars


Before After
Failed to detect and prevent inbox hack beforel it’s blacklisted. Gmail automatically blocks suspicious logins results in stronger security.
Emails cannot be accessed from mobile devices once they have been downloaded from the desktop. Emails can be accessed anywhere from any device without having to configure device synchronization.
Files are stored in desktops thus cannot be shared when mobile users are on the go. Files stored in Drive can be accessed and shared using a browser or apps on any mobile device.


Gmail automatically blocks suspicious malwares.

DSE’s self-hosted mail server was unable to detect and block malicious Trojan malware before it takes over their mail server and turns it into a spamming machine that ultimately caused their domain to be blacklisted. Therefore, DSE decided to replace their self-hosted mail server with G Suite for better security. After attending a seminar hosted by TS Cloud, DSE was impressed by Gmail’s ability to automatically detect and block suspicious logins that gives malwares no chance to break into the system. Very quickly, DSE decided to go Google in less than 2 weeks and chose TS Cloud as their partner for this journey.

Gmail allows users to access email from any device.

Before G Suite was on their list, DSE had also taken several other solution providers into consideration. One of the pain points DSE had with their current mail system was that once an email is downloaded to a desktop, it cannot be accessed from other devices so this becomes a key factor when comparing different solutions. However, none of them competes with G Suite in terms of mobility. Since all emails are stored in the cloud, Gmail users can access their inboxes anytime, anywhere, from any device without having to manually set up synchronization policies for different devices. This is a huge advantage especially for companies like DSE who has a decent amount of mobile workers.

G Suite is more than just an email solution.

G Suite is a productivity suite that consists of many collaborative tools other than Gmail that allows teams to open and edit the same file at the same time. For example, Quality Control Personnel can create reports using Google Sheet and send it to relevant members for a review. Google Calendar allows secretary to check and manage the boss’s schedule.

Google Forms allows any user to create a survey to collect feedback or simply for signing up a group buying. As for Google Drive, some might have concerns around security in relation to data leak. In fact, Google Drive allows admins to set up and apply different file sharing policies to a certain type of file or a certain group of people. Admins can also add an extra layer of security by disallowing external users to print or download certain files.

TS Cloud’s comment

In order for Mars to learn more about the benefits his company will enjoy after switching to G Suite, I invited him to our seminar which runs on every Thursday. During the event, we cleared all of his doubts about G Suite.

TS Cloud always stands by our customers throughout every step of their journey to G Suite. From early stage consultation to after go live, whenever our customers need us we are there to help. We are always happy to share our knowledge and useful tips with our customers to help them make the most out of G Suite.

(Claire Chou, Customer Success Specialist)

Mars shares with our specialist opening a file using his mobile phone

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