All in One Google Workspace Solution for Forward School


Getting a job done with proper tools has been a day to day challenge for Forward School. Time, as the main factor in completing a task with a productive tool is a must to get work done fast, better, and efficiently. With Google Workspace all-in-one productive tool, Forward School is now working better with no hassle!

Client Information

Forward School, Penang, Malaysia.

Company Name Forward School
Company Profile Forward School is a revolutionary technology and future skills school based in Penang, Malaysia that equips aspiring tech professionals with industry-ready skills required for the fast-moving tech sector. It provides a range of expert-led on-campus training in coding, data science, design, digital marketing, and more.
Industry Education Industry
Company Size Less than 50
Year of Establishment 2019
Forward School, Penang, Malaysia.


Switching from one platform to another consumes much time in our day to day tasks.

Forward School, started as a 4-person organization 2 years ago to now, a full-blown school that caters to over 100 students yearly. With that, a reliable collection of tools that can support the daily business activities and workflow administration is needed. Trying using other individual apps is a go and error for us as it gets troublesome and time-consuming when a need to switch from platform to platform occurs.

Solution by TS Cloud

Swift support by the team!

Opting for Google Workspace was a no-brainer for its comprehensive features, varied productivity apps, and easy usage. In fact, the entire team of Forward School uses Google Calendar religiously for all the sync-ups and meetings. However, without TS Cloud, we would not be able to get what we are now. Professional service by the team leads to a better understanding and solution on Google Workspace for Forward School.

Results & Benefits

Google Workspace gets the work done seamlessly.

As a result of adopting Google Workspace, a domain-branded email has increased the credibility of Forward School. Productivity tools such as Google Docs, Sheet, and Slides have enabled the team to collaborate in real-time and with accessibility 24/7 and boosted the team’s overall productivity with seamless interoperability. To retain the high engagement in the team, Google Meet has all it does to ease the team sync-ups and some online classes when it happens to have to work from home.

Customer Reviews

“Google Workspace has allowed us to scale our growing team with ease and get more done anywhere”

Chang Jia Ying, Forwardemy Sdn. Bhd.


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