“G Suite not only helped to raise our efficiency, we are also very satisfied with TS Cloud’s services with their friendly attitude and rapid response!”


Although Gamesofa has its own IT team to help resolve technical problems, it still chose to use TS Cloud to introduce G Suite into their company. This was because TS Cloud was able to help assist resolve all G Suite-related problems, thus saving Gamesofa significant time and manpower; the education training courses also helped Gamesofa to learn how to use G Suite to increase productivity. This is the experience of a company in the electronics information industry using G Suite with the assistance from TS Cloud.

Client Information

Company Name Gamesofa Inc.
Company Profile Gamesofa Inc. was founded in 2005, and is a top Taiwanese game developer, known for their expertise in core internet technology and exceptional marketing. The company is known for their “Shenlaiye” mahjong and card game series, as well as “Gun Rush”, and now is actively developing its overseas market. Gamesofa strives to innovate and carry out its operational strategy with rigorous data analysis to realize their gaming ideal of “fun in 5 easy minutes” .
Industry Information Technology
Company Size More than 100
(from left to right) Director Ren-wei Liu, engineer Jian-hong Ke, manager Mei-xuan Wu, and director Meng-yun Yan from Gamesofa Inc.


Before After
Lot of time wasted on routine work and administration prior to introduction of G Suite. After G suite, the overall efficiency has increased.
No one to consult, had to do everything on their own. Can quickly resolve issues with the assistance from G Suite agents.
Can only continue to use the original operations and techniques. No need to do anything and the agent will organize the latest expert information and techniques.


After G suite, the overall efficiency has increased.

Prior to introducing G Suite into the company, many administrative processes such as e-mailing, leave taking and personnel management all require manual input and confirmation. Thus, these daily routine procedures consumed a lot of time, lowering productivity. However, after introducing G Suite, with the systematic integration and automation of procedures, routine work is performed more effectively. Specifically, Mr. Ke thinks the greatest convenience is in personnel management, where the automation of record access status and user records provide accurate information that can be understood at a glance, and precise user records can also be obtained. Ms. Wu also stated that with the integration of document on cloud, this has saved a lot of time and effort for when collecting statistics or surveys on internal discussions at the company. Particularly considering that Gamesofa has around 200 employees, Google Sheet’s automated statistic function, setting of department mailboxes for group mails saves on lot of time and energy, as well as minimizing possible human errors or omissions.

Can quickly resolve issues with the assistance from G Suite agents.

TS Cloud provides technical consultation service for G Suite, and when Gamesofa runs into issues when using G Suite, they can quickly receive the response and suggestions from the TS Cloud specialists to quickly resolve the problem. Ms. Yang is quite appreciative of this, as in the three years of using the service, the specialists have always been friendly and polite, and is able to offer immediate response when contacted, often with a lot of details. She originally thought that communication by email would take some time, but the responses were always swiftly returned, thus she has been more than satisfied with this service.

No need to do anything and the agent will organize the latest expert information and techniques.

In addition to pre-sale support service, TS Cloud also offered related after-sale services, such as the instant messaging notifications for internet issues or instant response to situations, and the e-newsletters that provide the latest practical information and techniques. In terms of the e-newsletter, Ms. Yang says that particular service is highly useful, as the content can be applied in actual operations of the software, and when there are slightly complicated or new updated operations, the newsletter also provide clips to take you through the process. The clips are lively, appeals to the audience to learn, and also makes it a lot easier for users who had some difficulty with the new operations to pick them up, enabling them to learn new skills that are not used on a daily basis.

TS Cloud’s comment

As Gamesofa has its own professional IT personnel to assist with technical aspects, when our services are required, I have been focusing on providing rapid responses, and striving to answer them within three hours, as well as to provide updated information and technical upgrades for G Suite as quickly as I can. Gamesofa has been a valued partner and client of TS Cloud, and with the long-term partnership between both companies, a feeling of reliability and peace of mind has been fostered. We will continue to provide high quality service to Gamesofa, in order to help them raise their productivity, and lower costs on communication and personnel management.

(Rainnie, Customer Success Specialist)

Can quickly resolve issues with the assistance from G Suite agents.

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