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Client Information

Company Name National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association, R.O.C., NASME
Company Profile The National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association (NASME) was founded on May 17, 1972, by the National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan under the leadership of a group of promising young entrepreneurs who had received government loans to start their own businesses and wanted to contribute to society.
In response to the needs of its members in various counties and cities throughout the country, NASME established county and city “friendship societies” in 1992 to enable members in each county and city to participate in the various activities organized by NASME in their area, and at the same time began training leaders for the future establishment of county and city NASME (subgroups).
Since 1997, NASME has promoted the registration of various county and city associations as local associations in order to obtain local funding for grants and the further development of its services. Today, it is the longest-running, largest, most resourceful and experienced organization in Taiwan dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship.
Industry National Economic and Industrial Organization
Company Size More than 100
Year of Establishment 2016
National Economic and Industrial Organization


Before After
The compromised account has sent thousands of spam emails No more email hacking issues with automatic email notifications by system
The loading speed is slower when the Outlook email exceeds a certain file size Gmail size does not affect loading speed
Access to emails and files from anywhere and at any time Real-time collaboration across multiple devices


Highly secure Gmail with notification of suspicious logins

In the past, NASME’s email accounts were compromised when using other email systems, and the compromised email account sent tens of thousands of spam emails in a short period of time, which NASME found disruptive. We chose Gmail because Gmail can filter 99.9% of junk emails and provides a high level of security, so we feel safe. In case of a suspicious login, the system automatically notifies the administrator, giving him time to take some precautions. Also, in the past, when a single email exceeded a certain size in Outlook, the loading speed became very slow. However, the loading speed in Gmail is very stable, regardless of the size of the email.

Employees prefer real-time collaboration and are therefore ready to move to G Suite

Mr. Lin, deputy secretary general of NASME, said that 90% of employees were used to the user interface and functions of Outlook, and although some of them could not get used to the new user interface at the beginning of the transition, after opting for Gmail, users felt the difference from Outlook due to faster loading speed when reading emails. In addition, at the beginning of the transition to Gmail, NASME informed its employees about the ease of handling emails and files between different devices and the ease of synchronizing emails and files even with mobile phones.

The constitution and rules of the organization are easy to organize through the cloud drive and collaboration platform!

As an active organization, NASME has many events and courses each year, both internal and external, and using G Suite’s Drive allows you to share photos and files from events more quickly. Internal information, bylaws and ordinances, and files for newbie education and training can be stored in the collaboration platform for those who need them. Whether the files used previously are Word or PDF files, they can be uploaded to Google Drive and then sorted as links in the collaboration platform. When multiple people are involved in a project, they can discuss the project with their team and organizational members through Google’s collaboration tools and create plans to manage project progress and tasks in real time.

In the 2 years since we switched to G Suite, we can solve 90% of the problems ourselves!

It’s been more than two years since NASME switched to G Suite, and during that time our internal colleagues have really felt the high stability and security of G Suite. We have been using G Suite for more than two years without any issues. If you need to set up G Suite, you can do so directly through the Admin Console, or you can find instructions in the Google Learning Center. Even if an employee accidentally deleted a file from the drive and can not find the file recovery settings in an emergency, you can contact TS Cloud specialists directly to resolve the issue promptly. In addition, G Suite has a direct line through which we can easily reach the customer support in case of any problems.

TS Cloud’s comment

After a half-month evaluation, we chose TS Cloud as our reseller. During the meeting, Mr. Lin told us that before the implementation, his colleagues’ computers had been poisoned, resulting in mailboxes being hacked and viruses being sent, which reminded me once again how important security is. The security measures provided by Google after the implementation of G Suite gave Mr. Lin and NASME confidence that account hacking would never happen again in the future.
I also hope that NASME’s sharing will make more companies or organizations realize that the security of self-hosting is not really higher than that of Gmail. Although companies can also spend a lot of money to build their own high-security mail servers, G Suite is the more suitable choice for enterprises and SMBs that offers high security but does not require large maintenance costs. We are happy that NASME has many excellent and professional people helping our members with their office applications and even developing their own APIs to make G Suite more efficient. We believe they will use it more and more in the future to maximize the benefits of G Suite.

(Joe Chen, Customer Success Specialist)

National Economic and Industrial Organization

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