Required Actions for G Suite Legacy Free Edition Users Starting August 1, 2022

Since January 20, 2022, users of the G Suite legacy free edition have been receiving a sudden announcement from Google that the free edition is being discontinued! Do you know what is going on? No worries! In this article you will find more explanations and instructions on how to switch from G Suite free edition to Google Workspace before the service is discontinued.

G Suite legacy free edition only available until 31 July 2022

Attention for users who use G Suite Legacy free edition! Google has just announced that the G Suite free edition will be made available until July 31, 2022 and all users will be automatically upgraded to Google Workspace starting August 1, 2022. If users do not provide payment information to complete the upgrade, the Google Workspace subscription will be suspended until you set up billing. After 60 days of suspension, users will no longer have access to core Google Workspace services, such as Gmail, Calendar, and Meet.

What is G Suite legacy free edition?

The G Suite Legacy free edition has been offered by Google Apps for Your Domain since 2006. Since 2012, Google has stopped offering the free edition to new customers. After offering this service for 10 years, Google announced a new decision to discontinue it.

Aug 2006 Provided by Google Apps for Your Domain.
Feb 2007 Paid plan is launched (Google Apps Premier Edition).
Apr 2011 User account limit for the free edition is reduced from 50 to 10.
Dec 2012 Not available for new users.
Aug 2022 Not available.

Can I continue to use the G Suite legacy free edition? The answer is no.

According to Google’s announcement, the free edition will no longer be available after August 1, 2022. Since the launch of Google Workspace in late 2020, Google has continuously invested in and improved new features that will be released in Google Workspace in 2021. There are more than 300 new enhancements in Google Workspace to strengthen hybrid collaboration in your organization. In addition, Google is offering a transition discount for the first year to users who switch from the G Suite Legacy free edition to Google Workspace.

What if users want to continue using G Suite legacy free edition?

According to Google’s announcement, users must upgrade to the paid plan (Google Workspace) before May 2022 to continue using the services. After the upgrade, you can use your new subscription for free until August 1, 2022. Please note that you cannot switch back to the G Suite Legacy free edition after the upgrade.

users must upgrade to the paid plan (Google Workspace) before May 2022 to continue using the services

What if users refuse to set up billing?

After you upgrade to Google Workspace, you will not be charged if you cancel your subscription before August 1, 2022. Before cancelling, you can use Google Takeout to export your company’s data.

Are there any discounts if I decide to upgrade from G Suite legacy free edition to Google Workspace?

Google is offering discounts for G Suite Legacy users (T&C applies). For more details, please check at the Admin Console or contact Google support directly. Please contact our specialist who will be happy to help you in a personal online consultation.

How can I switch if I want to buy Google Workspace?

If you buy Google Workspace from TS Cloud (Google Premier Partner), our specialist will consult you personally to better understand your needs. Besides, we will also provide you with technical support and other services after Google Workspace implementation. If you would like to purchase directly from Google, please see the Billing section in the Admin Console or contact Google Support directly.

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