Duet AI Upgraded to Gemini With AI Chat

Google announced on February 21st of this year that Duet AI For Google Workspace has been renamed as Gemini For Google Workspace.

As part of this update, Gemini will be built into the Workspace apps that users use every day. Gemini for Workspace will also include a new standalone experience that allows users to chat with Gemini (formally known asBard) and features enterprise-grade data protections.

New ways to chat with Gemini, with added enterprise-grade data protections

We are giving customers a new way to chat directly with Gemini, safely and securely through a new standalone chat experience. This builds on our recent consumer innovations with Gemini Advanced, plus we’ve added enterprise-grade data protections and copyright indemnification. By leveraging Gemini 1.0 Ultra, our largest and most capable model widely available today, we are able to provide insightful and expert responses to help people at work. Now, diverse teams in SMBs to large enterprises can use Gemini in more sophisticated ways with confidence that their interactions can be kept private.

(Source:Google Workspace Blog

For example, Gemini can be used to analyze industry trends, product development, and competitor messaging, helping you brainstorm themes for email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, Gemini can further assist you in creating compelling copy by connecting analysis results with product features, selecting themes beneficial to revenue to increase email open rates.

Features of Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business

Gemini currently offers two plans: Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business. Below are the functionalities:

  • Gemini (gemini.google.com) provides “1.0 Ultra” with enterprise-grade data protection
  • Draft email with Gemini
  • Write with Gemini in Google Docs
  • Create images with Gemini in Google Slides
  • Organize a table with Gemini in Google Sheets
  • Enhance quality with Studio Look, Lighting, and Sound in Google Meet
  • Create background images with Gemini in Google Meet
  • Use translated captions in Google Meet (“Gemini Enterprise” only)

Learn more about Gemini For Google Workspace: https://support.google.com/a/answer/13623623?hl=en

For existing Duet AI customers, there is no need to worry as the updates will be applied automatically, allowing uninterrupted usage.

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