Comparison of Price, Storage, and Features for Google Drive

Publication Date: 2024.05.15

Unsure about which Google Drive paid plan is the most suitable for your storage needs? We are here to show you all the details to help you pick the perfect edition for you or your company. Understand more about the differences between paid editions, how much they cost, storage limits, and how to upgrade from the free edition. With this information, we believe it will help you in making a decision.

Features and Capabilities of Google Drive

Google Drive is a “cloud storage” service that allows you to save and access files and data from mobile devices, tablets, computers, and more. Let’s start by introducing the features and capabilities you get by using Google Drive.

#1 Save and Manage Files in Various Formats

Google Drive can store a wide variety of file formats data. For example, you can upload and collaboratively edit general office files without converting the file format. It’s convenient that over 100 file formats can be stored, including PDFs, CAD files, images, and more.

#2 Use Business Tools for Real-Time Collaborative Editing

Google Drive integrates with documents, spreadsheets, and slides that allow collaborative editing. Teams can work on the same document and edit simultaneously, enabling efficient content creation. It allows 100 users maximum access to and modify the same document simultaneously.

#3 Use the Business Tools Offline

Did you know you can access and edit your documents, spreadsheets, and slides offline? All you need to do is save them to your cloud drive and make the settings in advance.

Reference: Work on Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides offline

#4 Powerful Search Abilities

Google Drive has powerful search options. By entering the keywords in the search box, it can filter the files automatically with the keywords and get you the file. Furthermore, you can perform advanced searches based on the file format, words contained, file owner, file permissions, modification date, and more.

#5 The “Extension”

Google Drive can work together with Google Chrome extensions to improve efficiency. You can choose your desired extension which matches your requirements, such as security enhancement, convenience and more. Users can customize their Drive freely by adding the necessary extension based on their needs.

Google Drive Pricing Editions by Capacity

You’ll need to sign up for a Google account to use Google Drive. The free account comes with 15GB of storage. If you wish to get more storage space, you can upgrade to Google One or Google Workspace.

Google One is for personal use; Google Workspace is for business use as it offers larger storage capacity, shared drive features within the organization, and powerful search abilities. Thus, choosing the right edition that meets your company’s needs is important.

Edition Capacity per user Price/ year
Personal 15GB Free
Personal (Google One) Basic 100GB HK$192
Standard 200GB HK$281
Advanced 2TB HK$940
Business Business Starter 30GB (shared) HK$564
Business Standard 2TB (shared) HK$1,128
Business Plus 5TB (shared) HK$1,692
Enterprise Essential 1TB (shared) HK$936
Enterprise Standard 5TB and above (shared) HK$2,163
Enterprise Plus 5TB and above (shared) HK$2,820

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Personal & Free – Google Account

The free Google Account had granted 15GB as default storage for storing Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc. Even though no official support services are offered, you can still use the help pages and community forums if you need help.

Personal & Paid – Google One

If you need extra storage, consider Google One. By upgrading to Google One, you can obtain more shared storage for Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and other services. Storage options range from 100 GB to 2 TB. If you need assistance, you can contact a Google Specialist for support. With Google One, you can still edit photos in Google Photos.

Premium editions also include other features like noise cancellation and the ability to video call by live streaming on YouTube. A higher premium edition provides a longer time for group calls and recordings on Google Meet.

Business & Paid – Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud-based production tool designed for business groups. In addition to Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides, Google Workspace also includes other tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Meet, etc. With Google Workspace, you can work from anywhere, anytime and with anyone. It’s suited for a company which requires working remotely, such as during the Covid-19 period.

There are two editions for Google Workspace, they are “Business” (up to 300 users) and “Enterprise” (unlimited users). Mainly different in storage capacity and quantity of users.

Google Workspace has three Business editions: Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus. These editions different in storage capacity, maximum number of attendees allowed in Google Meet meetings, and other features. Only the Business Standard and Business Plus have the shared drive features.

The Enterprise edition of Google Workspace offers three editions: Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus. These editions have no limits on the number of users. In addition, it provides advanced security and management features that the Business editions do not include.

All the editions allow shared drives, and Standard/Plus can purchase more storage capacity. Thus, pick a desired plan which meets your requirements and is suitable for your business.

Usage Includes Google Photos and Gmail

Google Drive is not just for documents. The capacity includes data stored in Gmail and Google Photos. So consider your total storage needs across all those services before subscribing to any Google plan. For sure, you can choose to upgrade your plan anytime when you need more storage.

Reference: A Guide to Google Drive Storage and Tips to Increase It

Which is Better: Google Workspace or Google One?

Not sure which to choose? If you’re using it for personal use, get Google One. If you are getting it for business purposes, Google Workspace offers various features to fulfil your business requirements and improve work efficiency.

Sign Up and Payment Methods

Here are the sign-up and payment methods for the paid Google Workspace and Google One plans:

Google Workspace

There are two ways to sign up for Google Workspace: through the official Google site or a Google reseller partner. On the official site, payment can only be made by credit card. If you are looking for invoice billing, we recommend you purchase through a reseller. Payment methods to resellers usually will be decided by the reseller, so check with the reseller before you make payment.

Google One

You can sign up for Google One via the website or app. Log into your personal Google Account, select a plan, and proceed to purchase. Accepted payment methods include credit/debit cards, mobile payment apps, carrier billing, Google Play balance/gift cards, PayPal and cash pay in convenience stores.

Benefits of Signing Up Through a Reseller

As mentioned, there were two ways to subscribe to Google Workspace, directly from Google or through an official reseller partner.

However, subscribing from a reseller is recommended as they provide additional support services which are more easily engaged. The price and support details vary among resellers, but they all aim to provide better service to users. Resellers can also assist with choosing the right plan before deployment and advise on security aspects and others.

Why TS Cloud – An Authorised Google Workspace Reseller

TS Cloud Sdn. Bhd. is an authorised Google Workspace reseller (Premier Partner) that provides implementation support and services. You are welcome to engage our customer specialist to assist you from the initial inquiry until the support after the subscription. Optional setup/configuration and training services are also available.

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