A Comprehensive Guide to Google Workspace: Features, Utilization, and Advantages

Publication Date: 2024.04.18

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Google Workspace, the Google’s productivity solution, provides more than one convenient way to make work easier. Just scroll down to see how Google Workspace competes with other office software with its unique features.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity tool that includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, and others. It allows you to work online in real-time from anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

Introduction to Google Workspace Features

A part of cloud-based productivity suite, what are the standout features of Google Workspace?

1. Custom Email Addresses with Business Domain Display

Google Workspace accounts offer email addresses displaying the business domain, which increases the enterprise’s conviction and makes it appear more reliable.

2. Expanded Storage on Cloud Drive

Each user who signs up for Gmail personally is granted only 15GB of cloud storage to store all their email, photos, documents, etc. Upgrading to Google Workspace increases the storage capacity depending on the version purchased; the maximum per user can get 5TB or more.

3. Seamless Remote Work

You can work remotely from anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

4. Enhancing Security for Different Features

For Google Workspace, users can set a strong password that meets Google’s restrictions. Besides setting a strong password, Google Workspace periodically updates its security standards to ensure that users’ confidential information is protected. Google Workspace has developed other features below to enhance security to achieve the most safety and security.

  • Warning notification will be prompt upon receiving a suspicious email.
  • Spam emails such as ad mail will be filtered.
  • Lock the suspect device remotely access right.

Furthermore, administrators can mandate that users set up 2-step verification for their accounts to prevent incidents of account theft or hijacking.

5. Additional Administrator Functions

Google Workspace provides a management console accessible only to administrators, enabling centralized management of all users and data access permissions.

Data stored in Google Drive can be edited on multiple devices such as smartphones and computers, and access to the data can be restricted to specific individuals. However, there is still a risk of accidentally leaking URLs. Therefore, it is not recommended for companies to decentralize the viewing and editing permissions of data among different employees, as this can compromise security. Using Google Workspace allows for the explicit assignment of administrators to control access permissions for all data.

Main Features and Utilization of Google Workspace

Let’s explore the primary features of Google Workspace and how to utilize it in your work.

Gmail: Blocking 99.9% of Spam Emails

Gmail is a highly secure email service that stores all messages in the cloud and offers robust email search functionality. Its powerful spam filtering mechanism can block over 99.9% of junk mail, phishing attempts, and malicious attacks, making it ideal for business email usage.

You can access your calendars and to-do lists in the same window without switching tabs, enhancing productivity by utilising the sidebar panel on the Google interface.

For more details: Introduction of Gmail: Benefits, Features and Pricing

Google Drive: High-Capacity Online Storage

Google Drive is cloud-based storage that allows you to store your data online and can be accessed by other invited users. You can set up different access rights for viewers, commenters and editors.

Documents created in other office software can be uploaded to the drive and edited online simultaneously with other users.

For more details: Introduction of Google Drive: Benefits, Features and Pricing

Google Calendar: Shareable Calendars for Teams and Organizations

Google Calendar, designed by Google with enterprises in mind, is an integrated online calendar that serves as a resource management and scheduling tool for teams. You can view colleagues’ scheduled events on your own calendar interface, facilitating faster meeting scheduling. For multi-person meetings, available time slots within the same organization’s domain are automatically displayed.

Additionally, rooms can be set up as calendar resources, allowing employees to instantly check room availability and make advance reservations. With Gmail notification enabled, you can review your daily schedule at the beginning of each day.

For more details: Introduction to Google Calendar: Benefits & Features

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides: Essential Tools for Work

Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides enable simultaneous online editing by multiple users and offer automatic saving. They allow 100 users maximum access to and modification of the same document simultaneously.

Through the “assign” feature, tasks can be assigned to specific users or comments can be left anywhere within a document. Assigned users receive automatic notification emails, streamlining workflow processes.

Google Meet: Secure Video Conferencing from Anywhere

Google Meet is a non-installation-required online video conferencing product developed by Google, allows you to schedule meetings on Google Calendar and receive invitation links to start video conferences easily.

In addition to video recording and a whiteboard, you can vote and have a Q&A section during the meeting, which allows the host to interact more with the attendees.

For more details: Introduction to Google Meet: Benefits, Features and Pricing

Google Chat: Real-Time Communication Platform for Smooth Collaboration

Google Chat is a secure platform for one-on-one or group instant messaging within enterprises, creating dedicated spaces for groups and conversation threads that can be used to track project progress. Each group can accommodate up to 8,000 members, making it ideal for large-scale projects.

You can initiate Google Meet video conferences directly from the chat interface during communication, making communication easier.

Google Forms: Simplifying Survey Creation and Response Collection

Google Forms is a tool that makes creating forms easier than traditional methods. You can set the type of questions in the form, such as short answers, multiple choice, checkboxes, etc. Responses collected will be organized automatically upon submission. Compared to the traditional method, you can have more time to manage their analyses with Google Forms. With permission settings, Google Forms can share internal surveys or external feedback.

Furthermore, Google Forms can guide users to different questions based on their responses. For example, if “Option A” is chosen for Question 1, users are directed to Question 2; if “Option B” is chosen, they proceed to Question 3. By setting up “Go to section based on answer,” users selecting “Option B” are automatically directed to Question 3 without additional instructions or actions, ensuring smooth completion of the survey.

Google Sites: Creating Websites Easily Without Technical Expertise

You can create websites easily without a technology background. You can choose your desired design from the template library and apply it from Google Drive.

Google Sites also allows you to set viewing and editing permissions to manage who can access the website. For internal viewing by enterprise members only, you can select “Users who know the link” or “Company name” in the sharing settings, allowing authorized users to view the collaboration platform upon logging into their Google accounts. Therefore, Google Sites are commonly used as corporate intranet portals or alumni websites for schools.

Google Keep: Memo Functionality Accessible on Computers or Phones

Google Keep is an offline memo app with reminder, labeling, and automatic text transcription features, making it suitable for task management. Memos in Google Keep do not count towards storage capacity.

One of Google Keep’s convenient features is “Capture Image Text,” which allows you to extract text from images with one click and convert it into memo content.

Admin Console: Enhancing Enterprise Security Through Centralized Management

The Google Admin Console allows the account admin to manage all Google Workspace services, enabling tasks such as user addition/deletion, payment management, security key configuration, and remote account locking.

The management console can also be accessed and managed on mobile devices. Through the mobile device management features, the admin managed the installed app and account activity on the mobile device provided to employees.

Remote account locking allows the admin to lock the account remotely in case of loss or theft without worrying about leaking confidential data.

For more details: What is the Google Admin console? A complete introduction to the benefits, features and prices of use

Introduction to Google Workspace Plans

Google Workspace offers various plans to fulfil the different needs of enterprises. For enterprises which purchase more than 20 accounts, there is an opportunity to grab a more favourable price. Do not hesitate to contact us for consultation before making a purchase.

  Business Starter Business Standard Business Plus Enterprise Essentials Enterprise Standard Enterprise Plus
HK$564 HK$1,128 HK$1,692 HK$936 HK$2,163 HK$2,820
Gmail V V V X V V
Google Meet V V V V V V
Participants Limit 100 150 500 150 500 500
Video Recording X V V V V V
Google Drive 30GB 2TB 5TB 1TB 5TB 5TB

For complete details, please refer to: Google Workspace Pricing in Malaysia

What Makes Google Workspace Better Than Other Office Software

As the demand for remote work is increasing, more and more office software solutions have appeared. Compared to the others, Google Workspace can compete with its unique features.

① Collaboration Features

Google Workspace allows different users to access and modify documents simultaneously, making work more efficient. Furthermore, Google Workspace provides essential applications for enterprises, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, which can be accessed and edited on/offline by just entering the URL.

② Search Functionality

Google Workspace is empowered by powerful search capabilities. By entering a file name in the search bar of Google Drive, documents can be found easily. Similarly, the search function in Gmail makes it possible to retrieve email content quickly and efficiently.

③ Management Features

The enterprise’s account security is enhanced through the Google Workspace admin console. Administrators can restrict access for each user and manage the entire enterprise’s access rights, as well as track user behavior and history.

TS Cloud Helps You Quickly Adopt Google Workspace

Implementing Google Workspace allows enterprises to work remotely and efficiently. Its powerful features make work easier.

As a Google Premier Partner, TS Cloud assists businesses in implementing Google Workspace and provides other services such as API automation, technical support, and more. Contact our Google Workspace Specialist to begin your Google Workspace pathway with us!

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