Google Workspace Flexible vs Annual Plan. Which is right for you?

Publication Date: 2023.11.02

Are you planning to adopt Google Workspace into your daily workspace and you do not know which plan to choose from? Don’t worry, here we will compare Google Workspace’s annual and flexible plans to give you a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of each plan for you to know which is right for you.

Breakdown of Flexible and Annual Plan

Google Workspace Flexible Plan

Google Workspace’s Flexible Plan is a monthly payment plan for each user account. It allows you to add and remove accounts at will where the charge on an account will only be for accounts that existed during any given month. A great benefit of this plan is that you can cancel your account anytime with no cancellation fee. This is a great option for short-term plans or projects!

Google Workspace Annual Plan

Annual plans are intended for full or multiple-year use. The price of this plan is based on the number of purchased accounts however, that does not mean you cannot add accounts once the payment period starts. Simply contact your Google Workspace provider for additional account add-ons and your monthly fee will be adjusted accordingly. It’s that simple! But take note, reducing the number of accounts is only possible at the end of each contract period. This is for you if you have long-term plans!

Comparing Google Workspace Flexible and Annual Plan

Let’s take a look at the Flexible Plan and Annual Plan side-by-side

Flexible Plan Annual Plan
No Commitments Minimum 1 Year
Cancel at anytime, No cancellation policy Cancel at anytime, Contract fee cannot be waived
Monthly Fee* ・Business Starter:RM34.2
・Business Standard:RM68.4
・Business Plus:RM102.6
・Enterprise Standard:RM131.2
・Enterprise Plus:RM171.1
・Business Starter:RM28.5
・Business Standard:RM57
・Business Plus:RM85.5
・Enterprise Standard:RM109.3
・Enterprise Plus: RM142.6
Annual Fee* ・Business Starter:RM410.4
・Business Standard:RM820.8
・Business Plus:RM1231.2
・Enterprise Standard:RM1574.4
・Enterprise Plus:RM2053.32
・Business Starter:RM342
・Business Standard:RM684
・Business Plus:RM1026
・Enterprise Standard:RM1311.6
・Enterprise Plus:RM1711.2
Available at any time
(Added fee will be included in monthly payment)
Available at any time
(Added fee will be included in monthly payment)
Available at any time
(Monthly fee will be reduced
Available only upon contract renewal

*Prices are subject to change based on the USD exchange rate; Prices shown above are based on the exchange rate on 2/11/2023
*Purchasing an annual contract with TS Cloud requires a minimum of 5 or more accounts

Benefits of Google Workspace Annual Plan

Lower Monthly Cost

One of the biggest benefits of Google Workspace’s annual plan is cost savings. If you are a company with many employees, do not give this up!

Simplified Management

By opting for Google Workspace’s Annual plan, payment is cleared in a single transaction and there is no longer any worry about monthly invoices. Benefit from the simplicity of an annual subscription.

Key Points to Remember with the Annual Plan

Cancellations and refunds are not possible in a contract period.

Be sure that you are ready for an annual plan. Plan your goal and ensure you need Google Workspace for a year or more. Cancellations are not possible and all payments are non-refundable.

Reducing accounts is not possible, adding accounts is.

Plan your goals and employee numbers right. As Google Workspace has a non-refundable policy, remember that user deletions will only result in a free license held by you. However, you can register new users to that account to minimize your losses. Try to compare the price reductions from discounted annual payments and the losses from monthly accounts increases and decreases to help you reach a decision.

Advance Payment

Flexible plans are paid every month while annual plans are paid in full at the point of purchase. If you are sure that you will need Google Workspace for a year or more, this is not a worry for you!

Which Plan is Right For You?

Choosing the Right Google Workspace Flexible Plan

  1. If you have high employee turnover
  2. If your goals are short term and achievable

If there is a chance you need less than 5 licenses when you sign up, the Flexible plan is a safe choice for you. However, depending on your license usage patterns, sometimes a few extra licenses with the Annual Plan’s discounted plan may balance your costs making the Annual Plan a good choice.

Choosing Google Workspace Annual Plan

  1. If your organization has a large number of employees
  2. If your organization is experiencing rapid growth

Within larger organizations, the benefits of the annual plan will be significantly more prominent and appealing. If your workforce is going to continue growing anyway, there is a low chance of not having enough licenses too.

Changing from a Flexible Plan to an Annual Plan

Changing from a Flexible Plan to an Annual Plan is an option that is open at any time. Google Workspace cannot stop you from making such changes, and they can be done immediately. If you are ready to benefit from the Annual Plan’s lower costs, contact us to receive a quote or assistance on how to proceed with your change in Google Workspace plan.

Receive a Quote for Annual Plan

Google Workspace Annual PlanFAQ

Q: How do I add a new account with TS Cloud as an existing customer?

With our contact form, send in a question for a new license with your details and you will receive an invoice with license activation as quickly as your payment. It’s that easy!<

Q: Will changing my Google Workspace plan result in a financial loss?

When transitioning from a Flexible Plan to an Annual Plan, a pro-rata fee will be charged up to the account transfer date so you will not lose money. However, when changing from an Annual Plan to a Flexible Plan, the cost of the remaining period will not be refunded. Therefore, to minimize your losses, we recommend that you switch closer to the end of your contract. Contact us for any assistance if you are unsure.

Q: Will I still be able to contact Google for assistance if I transfer my contract to TS Cloud?

Yes you will, feel free to contact either TS Cloud or Google for assistance.

Contact Us For Assistance

Now that the difference between Google Workspace Flexible Plan and Annual Plan has been laid down for you, what do you think? Is Flexible Plan is right one for you? Or is something more long-term better for reaching your goals? If you need any further clarification or advice, contact TS Cloud through a 90-second pick-up the guaranteed phone call, an email, or form submissions.

As an authorized Google Workspace distributor, Google Cloud Premier Partner, and Certified “Work Transformation” Specialist, we can offer up to 13% off Google’s official price, while providing localized quick and effective support either through email or phone calls. Contact us for further information.

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