List of Google Latest AI Tools. From the latest Duet AI to upcoming Imagen

Publication Date: 2023.11.02

Discover Google Workspace’s Duet AI, Google Cloud’s Duet AI, Google Bard, Imagen, and SGE – A suite of AI services. Learn about the features of each service and significantly enhance your daily workflow efficiency and quality with them.

Utilize the Full Scope of Google’s AI

Being able to fully use Google’s AI to your advantage requires you to get to know the full range of AI services offered by Google. From search and translation to image recognition, and natural language processing, Google has AI solutions for various tasks. To make the most of these AI tools, it’s important to understand what each service can do so you can choose the right fit for your needs.

As Google’s AI constantly evolves, your ability to embrace new features proactively can boost your efficiency and productivity in your personal or professional workflow. Let’s dive into Google’s AI offering below and find out how to combine your work processes to elevate your work.

Google bard: AI Chat

Launched in March 2023, Google Bard is a highly powerful conversational AI service launched by Google. Google Bard combines Google’s stellar and industry-leading search service with conversational AI that now allows for natural interactions that are similar to human conversations. With a question in chat, Google Bard will provide a natural, accurate, and highly updated answer from big data records.

Benefits of Google Bard include:

  • Answer most questions
  • Generate and translate texts
  • Assist in generating creative content
  • Assist with other various tasks that you may ask

Search Generative Experience (SGE): AI Search

Search Generative Experience (SGE) is a search tool that leverages AI to make your search results in Google Search more understandable, useful, and personalized. This AI tool in particular is intended to aid the Google Search Engine in responding to adequately more advanced questions with answers that are organized and clear.

Benefits of Search Generativ Experience (SGE) include:

  • Easily understand results and information from advanced searches
  • Tremendously faster search results specific to your needs
  • Receive information faster

Duet AI: AI for Google Workspace

”Duet AI inGoogleWorkspace” is the latest of AI’s suite of AI tools to bring the prowess of Duet AI into professional Google Workspace users. Usable as an AI work assistance within Google Workspace, Duet AI naturally supports major tools such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Presentation, and Google Meet.

Benefits of “Duet AI for Google Workspace” include:

  • Generative writing
  • Generative text summary
  • Generating background images
  • General images in general
  • Creating tables and charts

Duet AI: AI for Google Cloud

”Duet AI for Google Cloud”, with just as high a potential as “Duet AI for Google Workspace” offers real-time suggestions of optimal code choices for developers and data engineers. It points out errors and vulnerabilities and proposes fixes for those problems. Access “Duet AI for Google Cloud” as an extension for the abundant tools in the Google Cloud product and service lineup, including Cloud Workstation and Cloud Shell Editor. You can also extend its functionality within VSCode and JetBrains IDE. Although currently limited to some users, it’s expected to become available to more soon.

Benefits of “Duet AI for Google Cloud” include:

  • Human-centric: “Duet AI for Cloud” is designed for everyone, from beginners to experts where it provides the necessary support for anyone who needs it
  • Holistic: It is the goal of “Duet AI for Cloud” to turn cloud development into an integrated and seamless experience across its multiple features, services, and technology stacks to provide a cohesive environment for developers
  • Helpful: “Duet AI for Cloud “will arrive pre-trained with Google Cloud knowledge and content and will fine-tune itself to adapt to user behavioral patterns, preferences, and actions
  • Responsible: “Duet AI for Cloud will take a strong stand on privacy and data protection

Imagen: Image Generative AI

Currently only available to the public as a beta version, Imagen is an image-generating AI that will create lifelike images directly from input text. Having learned from vast datasets of texts and images that reside within Google, Image will be released with the ability to understand the connections between texts and images to generate high-quality accurate images. Due to the extremely intelligent and powerful capabilities of this AI, Google will continue to keep this project out of the public until Imagen’s databases for a generation have been curated.

Benefits of Imagen include:

  • Ability to generate high-quality images from text
  • Understand relationships between texts and images
  • Applicable to various fields in the creative world

So, with this list of AI tools, you can only try them to find out what they can really do. What do you think? Are you going to give these AI tools a try when they are released? To start, try Search Generative Experience for free. For professional workflow assistance in Google Workspace, contact us now for access to Duet AI for Google Workspace.

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