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Publication Date: 2023.11.07

In this article, we will answer your questions about Duet AI. What is it, what can it be used for, how to access it with additional tips to make the most use of it and how to apply for a Duet AI for Google Workspace 30-Day Free Trial. Additionally, learn about the differences between Duet AI and Google Bard. Let’s start exploring Google’s latest AI innovations and experience them firsthand.

What is Duet AI in GoogleWorkspace

”Duet AI in Google Workspace” or simply Duet AI is a new service that enhances the capabilities of Google Workspace using artificial intelligence (AI) During its announcement, Duet AI was released officially as “Duet AI for Google Workspace.” However, this has since been changed to “Duet AI in Google Workspace.” Duet AI serves as an AI assistance in key Google Workspace applications and tools such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet.

Features of Duet AI

Duet AI is an add-on AI-powered Google Workspace tool with numerous functions and applications. Here are some that you will be interested in.

”Help Me Write” Function Generate email drafts and texts in Gmail and Google Docs
Help Me Organize” Function Automatically create tables in Google Sheets
”Help Me Visualize” Function AI image generation for presentations in Google Slides
Generate a Background” Function Generate background images for Google Meet
”Studio Look” Function Instantly adjust image brightness and focus, and balance audio quality in Google Meet

”Help me Write” Function

Instruct Duet AI using prompts in Gmail and Google Documents to create drafts of emails or project plans.Using this feature, quickly generate difficult-to-write texts such as apology letters or sensitive requests so you can save time worrying about the working of your emails.

”Help Me” Function

Prompt Duet AI to instantly create tables in Google Sheets.Additionally, generate frames like lines and pull-down menus to improve the efficiency of creating tables.

”Help Me Visualize” Function

Create and implement AI-generated images with Google Slides..With Duet AI, complex prompts are not necessary at all. Easily general original images by selecting a subject you would like to create and specify the style of the images, such as watercolor, photograph, sketch, etc. Using this tool significantly reduces the time it takes you to find images that match the theme of your presentation

”Generate a Background” Function /”Help me Visualize” Function

Looking now at “Generate a Background”, it is a highly similar tool compared to “Help me Visualize.” However, instead of using it for Google Sheets “Generate a Background” empowers Google Meet. In addition, “Studio Look” is a feature that automatically adjusts audio and images in Google Meet to provide support in meeting environments that are less than ideal.

Learn more about the Functions of Duet AI for Google Workspace to maximise its potential

Introducing Duet AI to your Google Workspace

The following steps are necessary to implement Duet AI

  1. Purchase a license or apply for a 30-day trial for Duet AI from your local Google Partner or directly from Google
  2. Receival of Duet AI license from administrator

Cancelling Duet AI

First and foremost, the procedure for Duet AI licensing varied depending on the source of the contract for Google Workspace. This difference will change the way you cancel your Duet AI plan. If you have a direct contract with Google, administrators can make changes through the admin console’s subscription section. However, if your contract is through an authorized reseller, you will need to request the cancellation of Duet AI from them. If you have an annual subscription for Duet Ai, remember that there is a high chance no refund will be provided upon early cancellation.

Cost of Duet AI

Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise offers annual and flexible plans.

  Annual Plan Flexible Plan
Monstly Cost / User RM142 RM170

*Annual Plan subscribers are required to pay for 12 months in advance

Tips to Easily Introduce Duet AI

Duet AI for Google Workspace 30-Day Free Trial Period

Try Duet AI’s free trial before committing to a subscription. Apply for a 14-day free trial directly with Google or receive an extended Duet AI for Google Workspace 30-day free trial through TS Cloud. Take the time your organization needs to test Duet AI’s suitability to your teams and decide if it fits your needs.

Partial Implementation

As another option to easily implement Duet AI into your organization’s productive framework, we recommended a phased implementation approach. Start Duet AI with a few individuals who may need it the most, then expand to teams and gradually the entire organization. This approach can help reduce the risk of not being able to fully utilize the service.

Choose a Stable Google Partner

While Google’s support is primarily in English and is sometimes considered to have a slow response time, here at TS Cloud, we offer support in multiple languages including English, Malay, Tamil, and Chinese with response times being as soon as possible during working hours.Additionally, free consultations are available for interested users to help you with your adoption of Google Workspace.

Check Your Cancellation Terms

Feel safer with your contract by checking the terms of cancellation that are stated within your contract. By knowing this, you will have a wide view of your flexibility and allow you to plan for the future.

Practice and Learn With Your Team

To further develop your organization’s skills and comfortability with Duet AI, study sessions and group activities around Duet AI can be conducted to help your organization make the most of this brand-new AI.

Apply for Duet AI Google Workspace 30-Day Free Trial

Differences of Duet AI in Different Tools

Duet AI in Google Cloud (Previously Duet AI for Google Cloud

”Duet AI in Google Cloud” os an AI tailored for Google Cloud, and it provides real time suggestions to developers and data engineers for optical code choices. It helps to identify eros and vulnerabilities while proposing corrections at the same time. This AI unlike Duet AI for Google Workspace, is available to the general public and does not require a Google Workspace account.

Duet AI in Appsheet (Previuosly known as Duet AI for AppSheet)

”Duet AI in Appsheet” is a service under “Duet AI in Google Cloud”. Released in September of 2023, this collaborative Ai allows the development of apps without the need for coding whereby users can create original apps with less difficulty. With Duet AI, users can simply converse in a chat-like manner to create an app tailored to their needs, making it a highly sought out for option fo developers.

Google Bard

Another AI-powered service from Google, Google Bard serves as a conversational AI service developed by Google AI. Serving a different purpose and different functions, Google Bard provides responses and suggestions to user questions and requests in a natural and conversational format.

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